Things Are Looking Up!

Generation is continuing 24/7 with the tailwater level hovering around 707 feet.  Table Rock was as 915.1 feet this morning, only 1/10th of a foot over power pool.  Beaver is 2-3/10s over power pool and running off and on most every day.  On early in the day, then off for several hours, then back on.  Temperatures in the 40s the past two days, but they have been a bone-chilling 40s.  However, the forecast through the weekend looks great.  Sunshine and temperatures from the mid 40s up to the upper 50s or better.  Slight chance of rain Sunday night, then more change Monday and Tuesday but temperatures will remain seasonal.

Even the two guys from Michigan, John and Jim, that Jim had out Monday and Tuesday said yesterday was bone-chilling.  They thought they were back in Michigan.  Jim works in the store at Schmidt Outfitters in Wellston, Michigan, and John guides on the area rivers.  They have come to Taneycomo and fish with Jim this time of the year to get away from the cold weather and for a change in fishing scenery before their season opens up.  So far, they have had a couple good, cold, but good days on the water.  Yesterday, they had a great time working size 20 black midge emergers.  They don’t get a lot of this type action on their waters, so it was a fun change.  Today they are sightseeing and plan to be back on the water with Jim Thursday and Friday.

Stan was out for 1/2 day with Dennis from Kansas.  Dennis fishes Taneycomo several times a year and said he kept telling himself, "I need to try a guide trip some day".  Well, yesterday was the day and he is glad he did.  Said he learned a lot within the first few minutes he was on the water.  They had a great day stripping the sand colored size 12 filoplume under an intermediate sinking line on the Pointe Royale flats area.  Also caught several on the good old red midge.  Dennis is a good fisher and caster.  Never had fished from a drift boat and really loved it!



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