Should Have Been Here!

Well, they finally did it!  Turned the water off all day yesterday.  Projected that it would be off today after running two generators for an hour this morning but that did not happen.  So far they have run two generators all day with the levels going up to 705.8 and down to 703.9 as of 5:00 p.m. today.  Projection for tomorrow is the equivalent of one generator at 8:00 a.m. for one hour, then off the rest of the day.  Again…..we’ll see.  Hope so.  Weather should also be nice. 

Right now, fishing is absolutely great.  Darrell had Malcomb from the St. Louis area out for 1/2 a day on Saturday.  Two generators going Saturday until 4:00 p.m.  They caught a bunch of fish on the ruby midge, bug-eyed bugger and red midge. 

Sunday, we had two generators going all day and Stan had Jeff from Kansas out for 1/2 a day and wore him out catching fish on the high-water red midge, olive wooly bugger and, drifting out from the Lookout Island, the peach fur bug.  He also caught some on the holographic crackleback.  Really enjoyed stripping this and the wooly bugger.  Carolyn had Bill from Nebraska out most of the day for his second day of the two-day fly fishing school.  He was in overload from all the information on the first day of class, so the second day of fishing was a good way to clear his mind as he caught by hooking lots of fish on the ruby midge, and the olive filoplume on a sinking leader.  Good student and loves Hazelnut coffee!

Monday had no water flow.  I think the trout were even celebrating!  Carolyn spent 1/2 day on the river with Tim and his son, Austin from Harrisonville.  They are brand new fly fishers and were absolutely spoiled by the quality of the fishing on Monday!  They could not keep the fish off their size 18 rusty midge or the size 18 ruby midge.  We lost count of the number of doubles they had.   Must mentioned that as we were rowing by several people standing in the water fishing, almost every rod was bent.  It was just one of those days where everyone who could get a fly into the water was catching fish.  One of our customers called Tuesday afternoon and said he was wading a little ways above us at the Rockin Chair and he hooked a fish almost every cast on his olive wooly bugger.  Meanwhile, Stan had Alan and his son Robert, from Texas,  out for a full day float.  Alan and Robert took our two-day school in 2005.  Both have come a long way but still enjoy the great fishery we have here.  LOTS of fish on the size 18 burgundy , rusty and olive midges.  

Despite what the projection was for today….no generation most of the day….they ran two generators.  Jim was out with Kyle from Nebraska.  Kyle fishes a lot and throws a good line.  He spent the day with Jim and they had a wonderful day with the red midge and orange San Juan dropper, but most fun on the size 16 red ass soft hackle (what we believe to be an old White River classic pattern) in the seams where fish were coming up. 

Wish you were here! ! !


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