Oklahoma Weekend!

Table Rock continues to run non-stop 24/7.  Last time the generators were off was early in the morning last Wednesday.  Table Rock is sitting at 915.4, so we are slightly less than a 1/2 foot above power pool.  They have been pretty consistent with running four generators, but have varied the level from as high at 709.9 to as low as 705.9 feet.  Beaver is only 2/10ths above their power pool.  They are at 1120.2 as of 2:00 p.m. today. 

Weather forecast for the balance of the week looks very good.  We might even see the 60s by this weekend.  Their is a chance of some moisture over the weekend, but they said nothing to get too excited about yet.  Let’s hope it is a warm weekend with low or no flow!  I can dream can’t I !!

Despite the non-stop water generation, approximately 30 members of the Prairie Fly Fishers, 89ers Trout Unlimited, and Tulsa Trout Unlimited clubs converged on the Taneycomo area this past weekend.  Several started arriving Thursday afternoon and they continued arriving as late as early Saturday.  Needless to say, with the running water, some of them fished up around the Hatchery Area while others hit the area streams.  We suggested the various areas of Turkey Creek which runs through Hollister.  We used to fish there many years ago, and it can hold some nice fish.  Also suggested Roark Creek and Bull Creek.  Even sent some folks up to Crane Creek. 

Saturday, Jim and Carolyn had boats on the water with some guys from Oklahoma City.  Jim had Bob and Ken, while Carolyn drew Jeff and Main.  What a day!  Bob is brand new to fishing so Jim spent a lot of time working with him on casting, line work, hook setting and playing fish.  Meanwhile, Ken, who was in the front of the boat and a seasoned fly fisher, was catching fish on the red midge with a hot pink San Juan dropper.  Carolyn had a couple fly line flingers, Jeff and Main, in her boat.  After picking up several fish on the red holographic midge with a pink San Juan dropper while going through the slough that runs just down from the MDC boat ramp along the Point Royale area, they settled in on the lower flats with  sinking leaders and olive filoplumes and caught a lot more.  Stan had Mark and his brother Guy, from the St. Louis area in his boat for most of the day.  They had a great day and did best on the pink San Juan dropper, the pink lady egg pattern and the olive filoplume. 

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