Here We Go Again!

Hate to tell you folks, but they turned on three flood gates Wednesday morning around 11:00.  They had been running 2-3 generators most of the time, but with the rain we received last Friday and Saturday, Table Rock Lake rose three feet (918.1), so they want to get it back down to 915 feet as quickly as they can plus one of the generators is down.  They are working on this.  Talked to the Corps Wednesday and they said probably three gates until the 1st of April depending on how much more rain we get. 

Stan out for half a day Wednesday with Robert and Patsy from Arkansas.  Even with the three flood gates, which they had not anticipated, they managed to catch some fish on the big Ruby with a small ruby dropper or black midge.   Jim hit the water with John and Ron from Minnesota.  They had been over to Roaring River Tuesday and it was blown out because of the rain.  We got them on the river here and they caught a few fish before the gates opened and trashed the river.  Jim looked for some clearings, but decided to come off early and not fight the conditions. 

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