Another Good Day!

The weather held off Thursday.  We did not get the severe weather in Branson that they were forecasting, so not much rain.  Generators still going 24/7, but as I tell everyone, don’t just listen to how many generators are flowing, listen to the tailwater level.  Just like today, they are running two generators.  But, the tailwater level was as low as 703.8 feet.  You can fish this level very well both from the bank and wading in certain areas.  Projection is for 25 mwh all day and that is what they are projecting for both Saturday and Sunday.  Monday, they "say" it will be off from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m…..We’ll see!  Would be nice.  Weather looks like showers tomorrow and in the upper 40s.  Cloudy both Sunday and Monday with temperatures in the low to mid 50s. 

Jim on the water Thursday afternoon for a half day drift with Bill from Kansas.  Bill is pretty new to fly fishing and like most people when they get a nice fish on, they get a death grip on the line to keep it from getting away and guess what happens.  Other than the big ones that got away, he brought several to the boat on the red midge with a pink San Juan worm.  When they were not catching, they were working on casting, line work and, of course, hook sets!  Lots to learn and he had a good time and hopes to come back soon.

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