Still Generating….But the Fish Don’t Mind

At least the amount of water generating at Table Rock has been a bit less than last week.  Over the weekend and yesterday, they ran four units, but ran the equivalent of 100 MWH or about 8,000 cfs of water instead of 13,000-14,000 cfs.  This puts the tailwater level around 706 to 707 feet and is a bit easier to fish than when the tailwater level is a 710 feet.  Table Rock is at 915.4 feet  (pool 915.0) and Beaver is at 1121.8 feet (pool 1120.0).    You will wade again someday.

Boats on the water Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Jim had his regulars, Bud and Welby from Lee’s Summit, out for half a day.  This was Welby’s third trip out in about two months so they worked some more on skills.  In between working on skills, they caught fish on the red midge, pink San Juan worm and black bugger.  Had a good time and stayed fairly warm until just about time to come off when reality set in and they started getting cold.

Friday Stan had Eric from Louisiana on the water for half a day.  They had a good day on the pink San Juan dropped from the red holographic midge. 

Kristi and Rick figured it was a gift to get a 1/2 day on the water in February.  They hit the water around 11:00 a.m. with Carolyn and had a wonderful day on the red holographic midge with a cerise San Juan dropper.  Once they found some good seams and drop offs, put on the sinking leaders and started throwing the natural colored pine squirrel sculpin. 

As nippy as it was Valentine’s Day, Pat and Karen, from St. Louis, when out with Jim for half day.  Despite the cold, they stayed tough and caught fish on the red midge, pink San Juan and olive bug-eyed bugger. 

All in all, fishing is good.  Still catching lots of male rainbows in spawn colors and caught several females full of eggs….fat!

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