Nippy Morning…but Good Fishing!

Water has been running non-stop now since Wednesday morning at 5:00 when they turned it back on after having it off since 11:00 p.m. the day before.  Today they have been keeping it at 709 early this morning down to 706 this afternoon.  Although the mornings are pretty cool, teens to lower 20s, the afternoons are pretty nice.  Today is great!  Sunny, upper 40s with a little wind.  Think we might have pretty much the same weather tomorrow, just a little cooler, maybe in the mid 40s.

Jim started the nippy morning with Peter, from Kansas.  Peter said the 19 degrees here was definitely better than the 5 degrees he left up home.  Their full day boated quite a few fish on the red midge, and an orange or pink San Juan dropper.  Peter said it was a great day, he just wished he had landed more of ths hits he had had during the day.

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