Great start on the first day of the New Year!  Although the projection was for 25 megawatts, they turned the water on just before midnight last night for maybe an hour, then shut it off for the day!  The projection for tomorrow and Sunday is no generation but I think the weather might be a little cooler than today.  However, we certainly got warmed than the weather forecast!  It was pretty confortable on the water today.

Darrell was up near the Hatchery fishing with our friends from Louisiana.  They all had a good day and know that Darrell did well on the size 18 ruby and size 18 rusty midges.  I was downstream fishing just below the Rockin Chair and a little across from the boat ramp and had a wonderday on the size 18 copper dun midge.  Tried the holographic green crackleback and only caught a couple on this and missed two or three.  Did have a good time with my little size 8 pine squirrel sculpin on an intermediate sinking leader.  Got lots of hits fishing it cross current, but could not get a consistently good hook set.  Started  throwning it quarter downstream and stripping it back and did much better.  Wanted to take a picture of the pretty male Rainbows I caught today and the battery in the camera is dead!  Anyway, the male Rainbows are beautiful!  Most of the fish I caught were males.  Lots of people on the water today starting the New Year off right! 

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