Time to Layer Up!

Thought it was cold over the weekend but with the wind blowing 20-30 mph this morning and the temperature in the teens, it was REALLY cold!  We are expecting a single digit for tonight’s temp.  Actually saw snow flakes on my way into the shop this morning!  Too soon….not ready for this!  Table Rock continues to run water even thought the lake level is now down to 913.8 feet.  This morning when I checked at 8:00 a.m., they were running four generators and the tailwater level was at 707.2.  This is pretty much in line with the projection for today.  The equivalent of one generator from midnight to 7:00 a.m. when they would run the equivalent of two to three generators for three hours then back to one. 

Better layer up if you are going to hit the water over the next few days.  One of the layers many people ignore is the one next to the skin, the inner layer.  Wear something that will wick or move perspiration away from the skin such as a light weight polypropylene, polyester or silk.  Many of these products will state that they "wick".  Over this add your insulating layer such as thermal underwear in a weight best for the temperature and level of activity you will be in.  Generally, light to mid-weight thermal underwear is adequate for our fishing conditions here.  Over this, your normal wear such as shirts, sweathers, pants, etc.  Last, but not least, a shell which will protect from the wind, rain or snow.  Good idea to again look at items which breath as well as protect.   AND, don’t forget your head.  Wear a cap, hat or something to keep down the heat loss through your head.  Hands…..I can’t function when my hands get cold.  I always keep a couple heat packs in my pockets so I can put my hands in there and warm them up.  Carry a towel so you can keep your hands dry.  Once they get cold, you’re dead meat!  If you can function with gloves on, this is a good idea, then you can put your heat packs on the back of your hand inside the glove or at the wrist area, depending on how your gloves fit.  By all means, keep a set in your pocket.  According to the weather station this morning, we should see the 40s again by the weekend.  Certainly hope so. 

Jim and Kevin, from Sullivan, Missouri, ventured out all day this past Saturday.  Kevin was so happy we had a guide crazy enough to "hang tuff and stay out the entire day with him".  They caught fish on the red midge, orange San Juan and chamoise worm. 

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