Temperatures Are Cooling Down!

After such as warm weekend, the temperatures are really cooling down.  50s yesterday, 40s today and 40s projected for the balance of the week.  Only chance of moisture is projected for today.  Not sure why, but they have been generating 2-3 generators since 5:00 p.m. Monday.  Tailwater levels have fluctuated between 704.0 to 707.9 feet.  Table Rock remains stable at 915.0 feet.  Looking at the water temperatures at various levels on Table Rock, it might not be too long before Table Rock turns over.  Will keep you posted on generation projections as I get them.

12/2/09 – 4:43 p.m. – Appears from the SWPA projection that they will run about the same as they did today, all day.

Darrell on the water Monday with Al from the St. Louis area.  They had a good half day on a white midge and the red midge. 

Tuesday Jim was out all day with Jim and Brenda from Butler.  Seems that Brenda out fished Jim again!  Water was fluctuating all day but they pulled off a pretty good day.  Landed fish on the red midge, red San Juan and a gray midge. 

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