Shiver!  Came into work this morning and my car was registering 16 degrees!  It is supposed to warm up both today and tomorrow to the lower to mid 40s.  Think we have a chance for some type of precipitation by Tuesday.  Sounds like water is running everywhere.  They have even opened the gates on Greer’s Ferry which is the source for the Little Red.  We are still running a low four generators at a tailwater level fluctuating between 706 and 707 feet.  Unfortunately, that is the projection through the weekend. 

Stan was on the water Thursday with Don Ballard, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for his brave actions during the Vietnam War.  He and his friend, Carrol, are both from Missouri.  They were here for all the activities at College of the Ozarks earlier in the week.  Don wanted to try his hand at fly fishing, so out they went.  Great guys!  Pretty brisk that afternoon, so they went out for a quick float, caught fish on the high-water ruby midge, learned a lot and drifted on it. 

With the water running, most folks….and there are not too many of them….are fishing around the outlet area.  Couple of our customers have been in and reported they have been doing very well on the bright pink San Juan worm as well as the chamoise worm.  The one fellow had caught a couple nice browns that he estimated would be in the 20 inch range. 

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