With Water Off, Fishing is Great!

So far, the projections each day have been a bit off!  Yesterday, they projected only three hours of generation in the morning and off the balance of the day  Wrong.  They had it off, turned it on, then off, then back on again and kept it on all day.  Today it should have been the equivalent of three generators, but they turned on all four and really cranked out the water.  The good news is it is now off and we hope they follow their schedule and keep it off the rest of the day.  Sun in shing and temps should be in the upper 50s today.  Tomorrow is going to be in the upper 40s, but sunshine.  Friday will be in lower 60s with sunshine.  Have no idea what the water will be doing either days but hope they at least have it off for Thanksgiving!

With the generators off or at a low two, fishing has been great.  However, a couple days it depended on where you were in the river.  One of the days, fishing above the boat ramp all the way up to the Hatchery was so, so.  Down below the boat ramp along the low bank from the now Trophy Run area all the way down to the gravel bar up and oppostie side from where Fall Creek boat dock was fished great.  Dry flies, such as an 18 parachute Adams, or size 16 Elk Hair Caddis, and I’m sure other patterns would have worked, but these for certain.  Almost everything else such as the size 18 ruby midge, copper dun midge, filoplume, olive wooly bugger were also working great.  A  gentleman came in this morning and said he was catching them on a size 16 Prince Nymph which he normally uses for weight and drops midge below it, but they were hitting the Prince Nymph best. 


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