Still Dropping!

Table Rock Lake is now at 916.4 feet.  Since Tuesday it has dropped five tenths of a foot.  We might just see it at or below 916 by Saturday or Sunday.  Remainds to be seen what the generation pattern will be, but I hope we see them drop to one or two generators during the afternoon hours of the day and eventually see it off for the weekends.  What a wonderful thought!  Nice sunny day today with a little breeze.  Cool this morning…think it was in the upper 30s.  Believe it will get into the 60s before the day is over.  We are supposed to start getting some windy conditions tonight but rain is still out of the forecast until late this week or early next week, and, we hope, nothing too significant. 

Bob – 11/10/09

 Bob, from Michigan, decided he wanted to go out again, so he and Stan were out Wednesday.  They had a pretty good day on the pink San Juan worms, red midge and olive bugger.

Jim had Steve and Jodee, from Kansas out for a half day trip.  They fish Bennett Springs a lot and since it is closed right now, they needed to go fly fishing.  Boated fish on the red midge, orange San Juan worm and peach bug. 

Yesterday Stan and Shannon decided to take our Orvis rep. Mike, who lives in Colorado, out for a while.  They caught some fish on the ruby midge, pink San Juan and the bug-eyed bugger.  Had a fun day and now Mike can get back on the road and start thinking about work!



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