Leveling Out at 919 Feet

Looks like Table Rock Lake is holding at 919 feet.  According to one of the biologist at the Hatchery, they plan to keep the flood gates open until Table Rock reaches 918.  We all know that is subject to change!  Anyway, even it they turn the gates off, we will still be faced with at least a couple of weeks with four generators going 24/7.  At least the weather forecast for this coming week is sunshine.  Hope we continue that trend for several weeks!

Darrell, Jim and Stan on the water yesterday with a group of guys from Columbia, MO.  It was a tough half day for all involved but at least everyone caught a few fish.  Hope for better conditions next time they visit us.  Water definitely dingy so they were fishing the bright colored San Juan worms, dropped below tungsten beadhead red midges.  Anything to attract some attention.  One of our customers who came into the shop yesterday said anything white was working up at the outlets.  We either had or have some shad coming over or through the dam.  They are catching some fish up there on white streamers, gray scuds, and San Juan worms.

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