Yes, All Ten Flood Gates are Open!

With all the rain we had Thursday and Friday, Table Rock Lake has risen to 923 feet and is expected to crest on Tuesday at 927.1.  Yesterday, as two of our guides were putting in their drift boats, they started opening up the flood gates.  Not certain how long they will keep them open, but we will keep you advised.  Beautiful, sunny day yesterday in the low 60s.  Today is also expected to be nice and a slight chance of rain tomorrow.

Darrell had Mark from the St. Louis area out for half a day yesterday.  He and his wife stayed in the Mayfly cabin in June.  They must have liked it as they came back and stayed again.  Caught a few fish on the Big Ruby, including a nice 17" Rainbow.  Stan also had a half a day on the water with Taisha and her father, Jim.  Had a pretty good day with the regular size 16 red tunghead midge.  Found a lot of fish up in the shallow edges right off the grass. 

Meanwhile, Gina and Carolyn were holding an all-day fly fishing clinic.  After the morning session where we go through equipment, fly lines, tippet, leaders, knots, bugs and all the other things, we stopped for lunch then went to the lake to learn casting.  Everyone learned the basic of the roll cast, pick up and lay down cast, and a little on shooting line.  The highlight of the day was putting on various patterns and catching blue gill!  Those little guys are real scrappers.  They were taking our little drifted jig head patterns as well as stripping cracklebacks and small buggers. 

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