More Flood Gates!

Yes, they turned on the ten flood gates again this morning.  We had considerable rain last night and Table Rock had come up a foot by 7:30 this morning.  Expect we will see the flood gates for a few days while they try to get back to 916.  The rain appears to be gone.  It is actually sunny today!  Forecast for the next five days looks sunny too. 

Jim on the water Monday with Ralph, from Texas.  He has been with Jim since 2005.  The past three years, he has booked three days in a row.  Unfortunately, this year, he was a little under the weather Tuesday, but he was back on the fly rod Wednesday.  Just as well as Tuesday was a pretty soggy day. They had a couple of good days on the red midge with either an orange or pink San Juan worm dropper.  Tried throwing streamers on Wednesday, but the fish were not too interested in this pattern.  Caught a few, but not enough to stay with it.  Stan had Frank out of Michigan and Dean, I think from Texas, out for half a day.  Good fly fishers who wanted to get into some of the big browns, but the high water did not offer good conditions for finding these guys.  At least they had a fun day catching rainbows!

Carolyn started Vick and Priscila from Indiana out Tuesday for their first day of the two-day fly fishing school.  After spending the morning learning about equipment, bugs, and tying knots, they went to the water to learn how to cast.   Fortunately, Wednesday was a nice day to introduce them to techniques.  Vick has the casting down and is throwing a good loop with good distance.  Priscila is also throwing a good loop but needs a little more practice to get Vick’s distance.  However, when it comes to getting a good drift, Priscila has a natural "nack" for this.  We mainly worked on nymphing because of the water conditions, but they did get to throw some line and experience stripping, both with sinking line and in the film.  They are on their way to South Padre with their new gear where I hope they are practicing! 

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