His and Her Browns!

Generation a little squirrely this past week.  Water off Monday until noon, Tuesday until 10:00 a.m. and Wednesday until 3:00 a.m.  And, of course, they ran water all weekend.  Fortunately, after the three generators early Saturday morning, they did keep it at a reasonable one for the balance of the weekend….so far.   This was low enough that lots of people were able to get out and wade in various locations. 

Tuesday, Jim had Ole and Marion from Indiana out for what was supposed to be a full day float.  Had threat of severe weather come through in the afternoon, so they bailed a little early.  With the weather and fluctuating of the water levels, it was a tough day for the guys.  They did get several fish on the red midge, gray scud and a red San Juan worm. 

Friday, Jim braved a heavy wind day and took one of his regulars from Clinton, Missouri, Jim out for a full day.  Good day on the red midge, pink San Juan and size 12 gray scud.  Fished good everywhere they tried.

Saturday, we scattered drift boats everywhere.  The morning started out with three generators going at 8:00 a.m.  It peaked out here for less then an hour and they started dropping it.  By 10:00 a.m. the water had dropped to a below 704 with only one generator for the balance of the day.  It wound up being a perfect day.  Little cool in the morning, but warmed up enough to be pleasant with shirt sleeves, trees are getting a little more colorful and fishing was good with the one generator.  Stan and Jim had a group of two guys from Kansas City, Missouri and one from New York out for a full day.  Stan and Adam had a very good day on the P&P size 18 midge dropped from the ruby midge.  Jim and his guys, Mark and Eric, were catching on gray scuds, blood midge, and the red midge.  Gina had Cliff and Joni out for a half day float.  Cliff is a charter fishing guide in Minnesota.  His wife, Joni, decided she wanted to learn about fly fishing.  They had a good day on a high water ruby midge, with a P&P or pink San Juan dropper.  Carolyn had Rick and Kristie out for a full day.  Once we got started, it was a very good day on the high water ruby midge, with either the P&P or copper dun midge dropper.  Once the water settled down, it fished good everywhere we tried.  Rick started the morning with a 18" Rainbow and they both finished up the day each with a Brown.  Rick’s was 17" and Kristie’s was 18 and FAT!  Both Brown were caught on a size 18 copper dun midge. 

Kristie – 10/3/09

Rick – 10/3/09

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