Flood Gates Still Open

Just heard on the radio here in Branson that the Corps plans to leave the flood gates open until Table Rock Lake get down to a level of 920 feet.  Currently it is 922.4 feet.  Once they reach that level, they will probably run the four gates most of the time, if not all of the time until they get back to 916 feet or so.  Rainy day to day and they are forecasting the possibility of rain again tomorrow and probably Thursday.  The weekend is still looking sunny and dry! 

Understand a large brown was spotted in the third outlet this morning…20 pounds plus.  Have talked with several people who are fishing around outlets 1 and 2 and most of them are catching fish, at least they were catching quite a few yesterday.  Darrell was up at the Shepherd of the Hill Hatchery this morning watching the hatchery folks rounding up some browns to collect eggs.  Looks like quite a process.



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