And The Rains Came!

Wow!  Not sure what our official rainfall total was here in Branson.  Guess it depends on where you are and who you listen to.  Anyway, somewhere between 4 and 6 inches.  Table Rock Lake came up one foot from about 8:00 p.m. last night to 9:00 a.m. today.  It will come up some more.  They have actually shut down the generation through the dam, probably to lessen the amount of water at the lower parts of Taneycomo.  Lots of water going into the lower areas from streams which are currently running out of their banks.  We expect the weather to clear up this afternoon and both Saturday and Sunday will be nice, sunny, cool days.  Very slight chance of rain on Monday, otherwise, cool and sunny.  No more rain….please.

 Wednesday was a busy day on the river for us.  Dana was out with Kevin from Texas.  Lots of hits and misses.  Boated fish on Dana’s red San Juan. 

Meanwhile, Gina had Leonard, who originally lived in California and now lives in Sparta, MO., and his daughter Missy on the water for half a day.  Missy lives in California where she is going to school.  Missy loves to fish, especially for bass, but had never been fly fishing.  She loves it!!  They boated several fish on the size 18 copper dun or P&P midges dropped from our "Big" Ruby (just a larger version of the regular Ruby), and a Bug-Eyed Bugger.  



 Missy – 10/7/09

 "The Team" – 10/7/09

 Both Jim and Stan were out for full days.  Stan had Pete, who started fly fishing in Wyoming and eventually moved to Nebraska.  Their best patterns were the "Big" Ruby with a P&P size 18 midge dropper.  Jim, with Chad and Bob from Joplin, MO. were boating fish on the red midge, size 18 gray scud and the size 18 P&P midge. 

Yesterday, Stan had Dave Ray and Dean Abbot out for half a day.  Brave souls sitting out there in the rain with four generators going.  The fish felt sorry for them and they did boat fish on the Big Ruby.   Said they were used to the rain as they hail out of the state of Washington!


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