920 Feet is Getting Close!

Made great progress since yesterday on the level of Table Rock Lake.  We are, at 10:31 a.m., at 920.4 feet.  The target to shut down the flood gates was 920.  Let’s hope that is still their target, as we should reach that by late tonight or some time tomorrow.  Of course, this all depends on how much they let out of Beaver, and they were generating one generator this morning.  SUN!  I saw sunshine this morning.  First time for several days. 

Stan out yesterday with Greg, from Oklahoma.  Greg does a lot of bass fishing and couldn’t get to the bass.  Said he came here to catch fish, so he came in and booked a trip.  Half a day with Stan and he got his catching fix for the trip.  They did well on the red midge and fur bug.  Did have to control his bass hook set when he first got started!  Jim was out for half a day with Kurt from Kansas City, MO. area.  Their best patterns were also the red midge and fur bug. 


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