Some Beautiful Days on the Water!

Well, unfortunately they ran water all weekend…..of course!  However, with two generators, they kept the tailwater level fluctuating somewhere between 704′ and 705′ and there are a few places where you can wade at these levels.   This morning was the first time we have seen the water off for a week.  They had it off this morning and turned two generators on at noon.  It is 3:30 p.m. and I just heard another horn.  We are now up to three.   Weather has been beautiful.  Brisk mornings and sunny days in the 70s.  Think it got into the 80s Sunday.  A bit warm!  Only negative yesterday and the day before was the wind.  Forecast calls for sunny day in the 70s tomorrow with a chance of showers Thursday afternoon and clearing overnight.  Friday and Saturday in the low 70s with another chance of showers Saturday night. 

Saturday, three of the guides were out working and one guide was out playing.  Dana had Mike and Ryan from Texas.  They were catching fish on a red San Juan worm, and a red midge.  Brought a nice 18" Rainbow to the boat.  Meanwhile, Stan was out with a couple of honeymooners from Colorado, Michelle and Travis.  He told Travis he was starting Michelle out right….taking her fly fishing on their honeymoon!  This was Michelle’s first experience on big water.  They fish a lot of small streams in Colorado.  Good day for them.  They too boated an 18" Rainbow.  Patterns were a Ruby midge and the pink midge.   Darrell had Alton from Alabama out.  They had a good day on the rusty, P&P and Ruby midges.  Gina and a couple of gals from the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club were out for a day of fun and fishing.  When most of us caught up with them, they had wreaked havoc on most of the fish in the area.  Not certain all the patterns they had gone through but know at one time Gina was fishing the Miracle scud with a red blood worm dropper and doing very well.

Sunday was another flotilla day with four of us on the water.  Stan had Bob and his son, Bryan out.  Bob lives in Illinois and his son lives in Columbia, MO.  They boated lots of fish on a large Ruby (12 or 14) , the pink midge and a pink egg pattern.  Dana was on the river with Bob & Linda from Springfield, MO for half a day.  Dana thought this was a neat trip as Linda brought snacks, chocolate covered almonds and elk summer sausage!  Their best patterns were the red San Juan, red midge and peach egg.  Darrell and Carolyn had a full day with our Louisiana family.  Of course, Dawn (aka "the Stripper") was in the "Cacklecraft" with Carolyn and Darrell had Albert and James Albert.  This was one of Dawn’s days.  She hooked fish almost everywhere she cast.  Wonderful day on the Big Ruby.  Water clouded up a little in the afternoon, so we dropped a P&P or a pink SJ under it for the last two hours of the trip.  Of course she caught a few stripping the holographic green crackleback.   Darrell and the guys had a good day on a gray scud, and various midges.  Sunday fished good on both banks above the MDC boat ramp and down both sides of the river through the Trophy Run area, the Lookout Island as well as the high bank (old river channel) all the way down to Fall Creek.  

Dawn – 9/27/09

Know that one of the local guides, John, caught an nice Rainbow which we approximated at almost 18 lbs. last week up around the outlet 1 area.  They were running water.  Another nice Rainbow, about 10 lbs. was caught by a lady on her second time fly fishing up in the same area.  Still not seeing great numbers of large fish on any kind of regular basis.  


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