Other Than Possibilities Of Rain, Weather Has Been Great!

Generation schedule since Tuesday has been consistent…..running!  Most of the week it has been two generators at a tailwater level around 705 plus or minus.  Other than Wednesday, weather has been great.  Cool nights and just right days, 70-80 degrees.  Bit of a breeze for a while yesterday.  We do have rain in the forecast.  Think there is a 50/50 chance for tomorrow.  So, that means there is a 50% chance it will not rain!


Pat – 9/3/09


Darrell out for half a day with Ron and Pat from his part of the country, Minnesota.   They had a fun outting and caught fish stripping the holographic green crackleback or drifting the pink San Juan. 




Jim was out for a long afternoon float with Bud and his son, Derek.  They had a good day stripping the red ass emerger in the seams.  They picked some nice rainbows and a few browns.  Also did well earlier in the day with the pink San Juan dropped below the red midge.  Better fish and definitely more fun stripping the emerger.

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