Lots of Rain Early Saturday Morning

We did get a lot of rain early (I was still trying to get some sleep) Saturday morning and it looked like it was going to rain some more most of the morning, but it cleared off and was a great day.  Had so much water flowing into Taneycomo from all the creeks downstream, the tailwater stayed about a foot high (with no generation) all day Saturday.  Table Rock only came up about a 1/10th of a foot, so we are holding at 915.34′.  Both Saturday and Sunday they ran the equivalent of one generator 1-2 hours between 4:00-5:00 p.m.  Water is off again today with the projection of the equivalent of one generator somewhere around 4:00 p.m.  Beautiful, suny day with temperatures in the mid 80s.  Same projections for tomorrow.  Even though they are projecting the same generation schedule for tomorrow as today, I think we will probably see a little more.

I fished for a little while Saturday.  Waded in at the Rockin Chair area.  Did not see too much action when I got there.  Picked up a few early on a P&P soft hackle and a holographic green crackleback.  Not enough to get excited about so I changed to a golden variant sculpin pattern under a sinking leader.  This was what they were looking for.  When I left I loaned my sinking leader and a few sculpins to one of our customers who was not having much luck.  Hope this helped!

Sunday, Jim had Manuel and his wife, Lorna, out for half a day.   Didn’t take them long to get into fish on one of Jim’s newer bug-eyed sculpin patterns.  It is a size 12 with grizzly hackle and a "Jailhouse Marabou" brown/black tail.   They had such a great time, they booked a couple days around Labor Day 2010.  Downstream, Stan was out with Mike from Iowa.  They were trying various midges with little success until Stan tied on the size 18 Ruby midge.  Between the Ruby midge and the golden variant sculpin, they had a very good, enjoyable half day.  Meanwhile, Carolyn was upstream with Dawn (aka ‘The Stripper’) and her mother-in-law, Carolyn.  This was Carolyn’s first experience with a fly rod and she started out with a bang!  After working on casting a little, mending and a little line handling, we put on a size 18 Copper Dun midge.  About the 4th or 5th drift resulted in a fat, 18 inch Rainbow.  Carolyn proceeded to catch several more on the Copper Dun.  The Stripper was strippping (of course) Jim’s bug-eyed pattern.  She caught fish on this, got lots of hits on the golden variant sculpin, and caught fish on a few other patterns we put on.  Other good patterns during the day were the P&P and the filoplume.  Fun day and Carolyn is coming back!  



Carolyn – 9/6/09



Carolyn’s first fish on a fly rod.  Told her it doesn’t work this way everytime! 







Three generations of the Kerr Family – 9/06/09


 Albert, Dawn, and James Albert have been fishing Taneycomo for more than two years now.  After each trip they go home to Louisiana with tails of the fish they caught and good times they had. Carolyn decided it was time for her to join in the fun.  We spent a long half day on the water Sunday and had a ball.  The "Cacklecraft" was in her true form. 

Above picture:  Carolyn (mother-left front), Albert (son-left back), James Albert (grandson-right front), and Dawn (daughter-in-law-right back).  And with all this, Taneycomo is still the same!

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