Fishing Has Been Good!

So far, Monday and Tuesday they had not started generation until 3:00 p.m. on Monday and 2:00 p.m. Tuesday.  Projection for today is 3:00 p.m.  Probably will see generation at 2:00.  Glad they really ran some water yesterday for a while.  Lots of algae or something floating in and on top the water…..Ugly!  Weather has been nice, 80s.  However, we are getting some rain today and the projection is for slight chances tomorrow and Friday.  Right now it looks like the chances will increase by the weekend.  Let’s hope it goes north or south of us. 

Both Jim and Stan on the water Monday.  Jim had Dennis, a fairly new fly fisher from Trenton, MO out for a 1/2 day wade trip.  Dennis wanted a "learning experience", so Jim obliged.  They worked on lots of stuff as well as catching lots of fish.  Best patterns were the size 16 Miracle Scud with a blood worm dropper and the size 18 Ugly midge.  Stan was with Rod, from Kansas.  They too had a good day but on the size 18 Ruby Midge. 

Yesterday, Stan had Pete from Virginia out all day.  Pete has a hat full of ugly bugs and added the Big Ugly to his collection after fishing yesterday.  Pete really liked our fishery and plans to bring a friend and come back as soon as he can.  Obviously, the Big Ugly was one of their patterns, and they dropped the size 18 Ruby midge from this.  When the third generator came on yesterday, it had the water so dirty you could not keep a fly clean.  Not much action after that.

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