Now This is August Weather!

Weather projection through the weekend is for hot, humid, mostly clear days.  Slight chances of pop up showers, but mostly to the north and northeast of us.  Water generation so far this week has been to come on at 2:00 p.m. and that is the projection again for today.  Two generators on to start followed by two within the hour. 

Jim came in Sunday after I had posted the fishing reports.  He had John and Charlene out again, from Carl Junction, MO.  Both are pretty new at this (might be their second time), so they worked on casting, line management and hook sets for a while.  Boated several fish on the gray and olive browns scuds.  Think Charlene is into fly fishing for the long haul.  She came back and purchased the Temple Fork Casting for Recovery rod, a reel and some fly line….looks serious. 

Stan was out yesterday with Norman from Indiana.  He used to fly fish and decided he wanted to get back into it again.  And that he did.  They had a good half-day outting on the rusty and P&P midges.  


 Norman – 8/3/09

Meanwhile, I sneaked away from the shop to fish for 2-3 hours.  Wonderful day….just being in the water.  Did have a very good day on the P&P midge.  Very few things did not work for me.  Fished the black wooly, olive wooly, and the crackleback all under the sinking leader.  These all worked, especially the black wooly.  Water was a little dingy when I first got out.  Once the water cleared and the sun came out, P&P was hot! 

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