Ketchup time!  Generation pattern pretty consistent this past week.  Off in the mornings and then coming on anywhere from noon to 2:00 p.m.  Off over the weekend again except for a short period of time in the late afternoon around 5:00 p.m.  Weather hot and muggy most days. 

Last Tuesday was like home week for Jim.  He had Frank and Dean from Michigan out for a full day.  Slow start that day with the water low and fish were taking very softly.  Picked up well during water rise when the generators came on.  The size 12 Bug Eye Sculpin did very well during the rise.  Low water they fished the size 16 miracle scud, size 18 brown scud and the size 18 P&P.  Tuesday and then again on Friday, Gine had Jonathan and his 9-1/2 year old son, Jordon, out for a couple half days.  They came to visit Branson all the way from Conneticutt.  Tuesday was their first fly fishing experience and Jordan landed his first trout on a fly rod.  Both were very fast learners.  Jordan is like a sponge and can repeat back to you everything regarding the live cycles of bugs and about and all about the scuds and sowbugs.  He even captured a sculpin for us to put in the shop.  Fun day on the water.  Their best flies were the P&P and burgundy midges and Jonathan experienced a hook up on an orange crackleback. 

Wednesday Stan had Tom and his grandson, Zack out for half day.  They really messed with the water that day.  Turned it on at 8:00 a.m. for a while, then on, then back on.  Even with all this water fluctuation, it they had a very good day on the P&P, Rusty and Burgundy midges. 

Thursday, Jim and one of his regular regulars, Bud hit the water to work on a new technique.  Went out to work on dries, but the first were not real cooperative on any dry patterns.  Worked a bit on technique then got down to business with the P&P midge, blood worm and orange San Juan. 

Darrell on the water Friday with new fly fishers, Chris and Maggie from Georgia.  Learned the basics and boated a few fish on the P&P.  Had a good time.

Not Chris! – 08/07/09

Maggie – 08/07/09

Friday was a busy day.  Dana out with Jeff from Arkansas.  They had a good day on the olive wooly bugger, olive midge and red San Juan.  Meanwhile, Gina and Carolyn had a family of five out wading.  Katelyn and her father Glen are from Kansas and Kolby, Tanner and Mike are from northern Missouri….Rushville, to be exact.  

Kaylyn & Glenn – 8/8/09

Tanner – 8/8/09

What a fun time.  Everyone learned to roll cast, and a couple even started throwing a pretty good regular cast.  We all still have a ways to go but they are off to a good start.  Best of all, they all had a good time and caught some fish.  Katelyn developed a killer technique for stripping back the olive wooly bugger and caught several fish this way.  Other patterns were the holographic crackleback and golden variant sculpin.  And drifting on down the river Friday was Jim with his guests, Dave and Karen from Illinois.  They had a good day on the olive midge, blood worm and brown size 16 scud. 

 Saturday Jim had Jim and his son Nick out for half day.  They are from Ballwin, MO.  Pretty good day on the olive midge, blood worm and size 16 olive scud.  Soft takes when the water was low, but midging was okay.

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