Kacklecraft Strikes Again!

This morning was an exception to the foggy mornings we have been having.  Came over the dam at 7:15 a.m. and not a bit of fog on the water.  First morning for a long time.  If we keep having cool nights and mornings, we will probably start seeing less fog in the a.m.  Generators have been coming on pretty consistently by noon or 1:00 p.m. every day including today, Saturday.

Gotta fix an "oops" from last week.  Jonathan and Jordan had fished with Gina on Wednesday and I posted their information shortly after this trip.  I did not have pictures of their trip at that time.  Anyway, sorry I got the cart before the horse.  


 Jordan’s first fish – 8/5/09

 Jonathan – 8/509

 Wednesday, Stan, Darrell and Jim were out for half a day with another group from Texas.  Stan had Rick and Taylor, who caught fish on the Black Midge with the copper head early in the day, then the P&P and Ruby and Burgundy midges later in the day.  Darrell had Rick and Chase and they too, did best on the black Midge with the copper head early then the P&P midge.  Jim’s guys, Rich and Davis, caught their fish on the P&P, size 16 miracle scud and the black midge. 

Thursday was "Kacklecraft" day.  Carolyn on the water for half day with Joanna and Wanda.  Joanna started catching fish on the black ant dry and everything went down hill from there.  Tears were flowing from laughing so much.  These two ladies are very good casters and could put their flies right up near the bank where the fish were waiting.  We had a good, fun day on the Ruby midge, black ant and a size 22 black spotlight midge emerger.   As soon as the horn went off, we switched out to the beadhead size 16 red midge with the hot pink dropper for Wanda and she proceded to catch more fish, including one beautiful 17-1/2" Rainbow. 

Friday Stan had a full day with Doc and a friend of his Barb out all day.  Doc is Stan’s very first customer and always tries to get on the water with him several times a year.  This was Barb’s first exposure to fly fishing and she had a blast.  They had a very good day on the P&P midge dropped under the Red Tunghead Midge and the holographic green crackleback using the sink tip.   Jim had Jim from Wildwood, Missouri on the water for half day.  Jim wanted to improve his skills and learn more about fly fishing.  They worked on skills and caught fish on the size 16 miracle scud, with a blood worm or size 18 gray scud dropper. 



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