Beautiful Day!

Beautiful day yesterday.  Sun shining with temperatures in the mid 80s.  Generation was a low two generators all day which kept the level between 704 to 705 ranges.  Projections for both weather and generation are good for the weekend.  Sunny, no rain, temperatures still in the 80s, and no generation Saturday or Sunday except for an hour or two late in the afternoon around 4:00.  What more could you ask for?   Oh…..Good fishing?! 

Stan on the water yesterday for a while with one of our shuttlers, Pete.  They were drifting the red tungsten beadhead midge, size 16, with a red San Juan worm dropper and did well on this combo.  They stopped a couple places along the way to strip some patterns in seams, and picked fish on the bug-eyed bugger and holographic green crackleback.   I slipped out of the shop for a couple hours to get my "fix".  Dropped the boat into the water, rowed over the seam on the bank opposite the boat ramp and started my day off great.  Dropped a Fl. Orange San Juan worm off a size 16 Lightening Bug and caught fish along this bank before drifting on down.  This combo worked all the way down to the Lookout Island where I changed out to the sinking leader to see if I could pick something up on a streamer pattern.  Tried the black wooly, olive wooly and got a couple hits on the golden variant sculpin.  One of our customers, Dale, came up the river in hit boat and settled down to do the same thing just a little distance below my boat.   Between the two of us we went through several patterns pretty quickly.  I tied on the holographic crackleback and it only took a couple casts before I started getting fish or hits.  As I was rowing away, Dale was tying on a crackleback.  Beautiful day on the water! 


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