Another Woman Fly Fisher

Lovely weekend.  No significant generation both Saturday and Sunday.  A little generation in the afternoon for 1-2 hours and that was it.  Beautiful, sunny days in the 80s, a little breezy and fishing was very good.  Monday we saw one generator come on at 6:00 a.m. and by 1:00 p.m. two generators, at 2:00 three generators and by 3:00 we had all four.  Turned them off around 8:00 p.m. last night, but we woke up to two generators this morning that came on at midnight.  The projection for today is generation all day.  Looks like we might be having a repeat of last week’s generation pattern.  

 Jim had Mike from the Kansas City area out for half a day yesterday.  They had a good day catching fish on the size 14 Miracle Scud and an orange San Juan dropper.  Mike wanted to do some wading, so they headed down to the Lookout Island where they were able to wade even though we had one generator going when they hit the water.  Meanwhile, Carolyn started out a full day with Ken and Joanna from Kansas up across from the boat ramp.  This was Joanna’s first time with a fly rod so we had some roll casting, mending, line management, hook setting and other stuff to work on.  While working on that, Ken was throwing a holographic green crackleback on a sinking leader and picking a few fish here and there.  After we got Joanna ready, we rigged a Lightening Bug with a red San Juan dropper on Joanna, and Ken with a red midge with a red San Juan dropper (I think…could have been the other way around).  Anyway, these combinations were pretty much the ticket all day.  Joanna picked up fly fishing in a hurry.  Before the day was over, we were both barking "set" and "mend" to poor Ken.   He didn’t have a chance!  Lots of fish and lots of fun.  Joanna loves it!


Joanna’s first on fly rod – 8/24/09

Ken – 8/24/09

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