We Call Her “The Stripper”

Generation came on a little earlier than projected yesterday, right around noon.  Came on today at 2:00 p.m.  Appears we are  going to continue having wading time each morning into early afternoon for a while.  Also off late at night.

Jim on the water for a half day Sunday with Dwan and Robert, both from Wichita, KS.  Despite the soft takes and picky fish, they had a pretty good day on the bunny scuplin, gray and brown scuds. 

Monday Jim had Steven and Zach from Texas out for half a day.  Brand new fly fishers worked on casting, line management and hook sets.  Good students and boated some fish on gray and olive scuds.  Think they like it.  Darrell and Carolyn had the Louisiana fly fishing family, Albert, Dawn and James Albert out for a short half day….it was supposed to be anyway.  We have tagged Dawn with the name "The Stripper" as that is becomming her favorite way to fish.  She just sat in the drift boat and stripped holographic green cracklebacks most of the time we were out and had a fun time bringing in fish!  She’s the one who had the nice Rainbow on our site a few weeks ago….yep, stripping.  James Albert was on the opposite bank in the drift boat stripping golden variant sculpin patterns on a sink tip.  Caught a nice 17" bow and several others on this fly.  Meanwhile, Albert was in the water a little upstream from us at the Rockin Chair area catching fish on the copper dun midge. 

Albert – 7/13/09

James Albert – 7/13/09

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