Water Most of This Week

Other than Monday and Tuesday, we have had very little morning wading time on the water.  Had a good rain…or bad….depends on your perspective, rain almost day Tuesday.  Lots of water, but had minimal affect on the water level.  However, they have been running water pretty steadily since.  Projection for today is that one generator will come on around 10:00 a.m., ramp up to two by noon then up to four.  Certain we will see water this morning.

Just pulled up the projection for tomorrow (it is 5:00 p.m. Friday, 7/24) and the projection is for it to be off all day except for a couple hours around 5:00 p.m.

On the water Monday with "The Stripper"  Slow day.  We were determined to only strip, of course!  Did catch a few this way, picked and rolled a few and definitely missed a few.  Most everyone else we saw were drifting egg patterns, midges, scuds and catching a few every once in a while.  It was not a bang up day. 

Jim on the water Tuesday with Jim and Phil from Kansas.  They caught a few fish and decided the downpour was for ducks so they came off early.  Stan out with John from Kentucky.  John is a die hard fly fisher.  They came off after the half day plus was over and had a good, wet day on the water.  John decided you should wear your rain jacket out over your waters…..not tucked into them.  At little wet in there John?  They did best on the red tunghead midge with the pink San Juan worm dropper. 

Wednesday Jim, Jim and Phil tried it again.  What a beautiful day!  Fishing was good too.  They landed several fish on the size 14 Miracle Scud, red midge and size 12 Bug-Eyed Bugger. 

Yesterday Stan had Jim and Phil on the water again.  Another pretty day.  He worked them with the sink tip line and the olive size 12 filoplume and black Bugt-Eyed Bugger.  Gina and Carolyn took a play day.  They started out just below where Rockin Chair comes in with two generators going.  Lots of fish on that bank and all the way down to across from the boat ramp.  We played up and down the river all day.  Best set up of the day, I think we finally agreed, was the size 16 Lightening Bug with a micro pink San Juan worm dropper.  We caught them on about 10-12 other patterns we tried, but this was the most consistent.  Fun day, lots of nice fish, one 19 incher and lots in the 15-16 inch range.  Best thing of the day, we saw LOTS of fish.  More fish than we have seen in a long time.


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