Nice Weather – Wading in Mornings

Unseasonally nice weather.  Temps in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s.  Not normaly in July.  Over the weekendagain we had good wading most of the day.  So far this week, water has been off until noon or so during the day then off late at night.

Stan the man, out with another Stan on Sunday.  Stan is from NC and as coincidence would have it, he too had spent some time the the U.S. Coast Guard.  Of course, the the Stans had lots to talk about during their full day trip.  Good day on the water for the Stans using the P&P midge and pink San Juan worm.  Carolyn was standing in the water fishing in the morning when her phone rang and Shannon inquired if she could take Chad out for half a day to help him learn more about fishing Taneycomo and work on casting and presentation.  Of course! she replied, but had to catch one more fish before leaving the water.  The sinking leader with the black wooly bugger was doing a great job at the Rockin Chair area.  Chad, who is from Branson, and Carolyn hit the water around 1:00 p.m.  Worked on casting for a while, then getting a good drift.  Shortly after 2:00 p.m. the horn sounded, so we rigged up for the rise.  Red San Juan, #1 shot and set our indicator to about 5-1/2 ft.  Fast drifts and lots of mending, but Chad hook several fish this way and brought in a few.  Since the water came up pretty fast, it was boat time.  Drifted down to the Lookout Island and caught a few more on the way.  Now for some more work on sink tip and stripping in the seams created by the water rise and break of the island.  Cross current casts where the fish were taking many times on the swing at the end of the drift.  Good day on the black or olive wooly buggers, holographic green and blondie cracklebacks, red midge and red San Juan.  End of the day, casting look great and we now have a few more ways to present a fly.

Forgot I had pictures of Gina and Carolyn on their girls day out last Thursday.  Caught and saw some nice fish!





Carolyn – 7/23/09











Monday, Darrell was out with John and Rick from Columbia.  Good half day trip on the Black zebra midge with a copper head and the copper dun.  Think he was using the Big Ugly for an indicator, especially in the shallow water.  John and Rick spend the night before the trip in one of our cabins, the Mayfly.  Had a good trip and a good time.  


 John – 7/27/09

 Rick – 7/27/09

Stan out with Rob and Glenn from PA.  Liked our water and the fishing.  Caught most of their fish on the P&P and red midges, and a black wooly bugger under a sinking tip line.  Fished a little slow in the a.m. until the fog burned off.  They also liked the brocolli salad we serve for lunch! 

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