Neat Foggy Morning!

 Generation schedule continues to follow the schedule pretty good within an hour or the projection.  Running every afternoon for 4 to 8 hours.  So, lots of wading time late at night and early in the morning into early afternoon.  Can’t complain much except for the heat.  Creeping back into the 90s during the day.

Darrell had Gary from Oklahoma and his son Eric, from North Carolina, on the water for half days Thursday and Friday.  Did pretty good both days on the Copper Dun midge and the holographic green crackleback.  

Gary – 7/10/09

Eric – 7/10/09

 Stan out Friday with Ned from Maryland.  His brother was following from afar taking pictures of them in action.  Saw some of them and they look really great!  Maybe we’ll have some to put on the site.  Ned had a good day using the Rusty midge and a black wooly on the sinking line. 

Carolyn had Beth, from Oklahoma, out for a short half day Saturday.  The morning storm kept us off the water for a while.  Didn’t want to sit out there with a lightening rod!  Fog stayed on the water almost all morning.  It was so neat and quiet.  The only thing you could hear were the sounds coming from my "Cacklecraft", aka Clackacraft.  At one time all you could see were people’s heads just above the fog line.  Beth boated her largest fish yet, a 17" Rainbow.  We fished the wide area just above the entrance to the Rockin Chair walk in.  Beth had lots of hits on the black wooly bugger on a sinking leader…..but not too many to the boat.  Got the fun of hooking them and playing fhem for a while  Darrell calls these "rodeo" fish.  If you have them on for 8 seconds, it’s a catch….we’ll have to ponder that one for a while.

Beth – 7/11/09

Stan was out Saturday, after the storm, with Kristie and Rick from the St. Louis area.  They too did did well on the black wooly bugger.  They were fishing about 100 yards above Beth and Carolyn.  When the sun came out, the P&P midge worked great and the black wooly just kept on catching. 

One of our customers from Louisiana had a fun day today on black beetles and tan hopper patterns.  Carolyn out throwning the black wooly for a couple hours.  Nice fish are still hitting this pattern pretty streadily.  Caught and missed a good number in a short time….then the water came on.  It will probably be my go to first thing tomorrow.

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