It Was A Primrose & Pearl Kind of Day!

They continue to pretty much follow the generation projection.  Water on at 2:00-3:00 p.m. for several hours then off for the balance of the night into the next day.  Hopefully, they will follow last weekend’s pattern and have the water off both Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon when they only turned it on low for a couple hours.

Lots of patterns have been working these past few days.  Beetles and the Bug Ugly near the bank have been working for those who want to catch something on top.  Had several of our regular customers using the Big Ugly up near the Hatchery with good success.  Couple other customers came in and they had been doing great on the olive filoplume under a sink tip at the Rockin Chair area.

Yesterday was a Primrose & Pearl (P&P) day.  Stan had Eric and Becky from Kansas out for a long half day.  This is Becky’s second time with a fly rod and she definitely faired quite well this time using the P&P.  She out fished Eric in quality and he out fished her with quantity.  Bottom line, they both had a great day.  Several other folks fishing the Rockin Chair area and below were also doing well with the P&P.  A couple of them even came in and purchase all the materials for tying them so they could whip up their own.  Buggers and cracklebacks are still fishing well.  

Becky – 7/1/09

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