Can it Get Any Better?!

Generation schedule continues pretty much as projected.  Both Saturday and Sunday water was off except for a couple hours in the late afternoon.  Of course, today they fibbed a little.  Water was not projected to come on until 4:00 p.m.  Guess what.  One generator going at 7:00 a.m.

Sunday Gina was out with Irene and Jill from Independence, Missouri.  Wonderful day for these two fly fishing women.  Not only did they almost get their fill of catching trout, but also caught a 2-3 pound catfish on a filoplume.  Never know what they fly will catch!  They caught trout on the burgundy and P&P midges, the pine squirrel sculpin, and the filoplume.   

Jill – 6/28/09

Irene – 6/28/29

 Monday, Stan was out with Chris from Tennessee.  Chris has been fishing with us off and on since 2005.  They had a wonderful day on the holographic crackleback under the intermediate sink tip line.   This fished well for them at the Rockin Chair area and all the way down through the previously KOA area (now Trophy Run area).  They also boated some fish on the P&P midge.  Darrell had Greg from Festus, Missouri out for half a day.  They did well in the Rockin Chair area and the just below the boat ramp on the P&P midge, black wooly bugger and the filoplume.  Fish both the wooly bugger and filoplume with the sink tip.  Carolyn’s half day took two fishers from Oklahoma, Scott and John to the water.  Scott has been with us before, but John is brand new.  Never would have know it after John got the feel for setting the hook and bring in the trout.  Very good day on the black wooly bugger and the holographic green crackleback.  Also caught some early in the trip on the P&P midge. 

John – 6/29/09

Scott in action – 6/29/09



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