The Perfect Day!

Yes, generation has continued to be 24/7 at a tailwater level of 710.3 plur or minus.  Table Rock came up a little more and presently is holding at 918.8.  Lots of water backing up at Beaver.  Sorry folks, still no wading for a while.

Carolyn on the water yesterday with a special couple, Heidi and Allen from the St. Louis area.  Heidi was diagnosed with MS several years ago.  She and Allen both have a love and passion for fly fishing and were not willing to give up that sport.  A couple years ago they contacted us about a trip in a drift boat.  This has been the means to put Heidi back on the water with a fly rod in her hand and a smile on her face.  Saturday was great.  Overcast with the sun peeking through for short periods of time and very little wind.  Water was high and fast, but the fish were more than cooperative.  How many days have you spent on the river catching a boat load of trout while watching a Stealth Bomber and other cool planes fly overhead.  Needless to say, there were also many missed fish!  Our day started out with each having a fish on in less than five minutes after we left the boat ramp.  It was just a sample of things to come.  Most of the fish were nice size and definitely very pretty.  Best pattern was the size 16 red tungsten beadhead midge.  A a brief period of time, while the sun was out, the size 16 Lightening Bug was the ticket.  Caught a few on the red San Juan worm with a size 1/8" tungsten bead in the middle, but the winner of the day was the red midge.  All morning was steady fishing and we were all tired puppies when we came off the water.  Thank you for a "perfect day".

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