Stripping on a Foggy River

As I said in yesterday’s report, water still running most of the time, but it has been off or low in the early morning, with one or two generators going, then ramping up during the morning and usually up to all four by noon.

What a neat day on the water Sunday.  Darrell and Stan were out with Dawn, James Albert, Albert, and a friend of James Albert, Kash.  All these folks are from Louisiana and true die-hard fly fishers!  Jim was on the water with Dee Dee from California and her daughter, Michelle from New York.  Carolyn was out with Lynn and her husband David from here in Missouri.  Lynn had tried fly fishing several times before this outting and never caught a fish.  We definitely broke this jinx!  It was overcast all day and the fog never really left the area.  It stayed on or a little above the water most of the day.  When it started drizzling right after lunch, it lifted for a little while, but soon rolled back in.  At one time during the day, all of us were within shouting range of each other stripping #12 olive wooly buggers, #12 filoplumes, #6 bug-eyed buggers or a holographic crackle back using the sink tip line.  It was definitely a strippping day and the fish were taking all of those patterns and everyone was hooking up.  On the drift from the boat ramp to the shallow water on Pointe Royale Island, the red San Juan worm, or red midge  picked fish along the way. 

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