I’m Ready for Sunshine!

We are not seeing the impact of the latest rainfall we have been having.  Table Rock Lake seems to have leveled off at 918.5.  This could definitely change as they are holding water in Beaver Lake which is 1126.5.  Pool level in Beaver is 1120.0, so they are holding 6.5 feet of water with little generation the past three days.  We have seen four generators 24/7 the past three days.  Tailwater level in the 710.0 feet range.  Really do not expect to see much change for several weeks…..sorry waders.  Let’s all hope for a slow down on this rain!

Have had boats the past couple of days.  Jim took Derek and his father, Ken, out Monday.  Pretty new fly fishers.  Boated some fish on the red midge with an orange San Juan or black midge dropper as well as the bug eyed bugger.

Yesterday, Stan helped Hubert and his wife celebrate Hubert’s 80th birthday.  Happy Birthday Hubert.  They enjoyed a half day on the water catching fish on the red midge with either the hot pink glittler thread midge or hot pink San Juan as a dropper and the size 12 olive wooly bugger.   Darrell had Dale from Wisconsin on the water.  They pulled out some nice fish on the black zebra, hot pink glitter thread midge and a red San Juan worm.

                          Dale – May 5, 2009

Carolyn had Heidi and Allen from the St. Louis area out.  They have been on many trips with us and yesterday they worked the hardest ever to catch some fish.   At least most of the fish we caught were pretty nice. 


                               Allen’s fish – May 5, 2009

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