A Change in the Generation Pattern!?

Yes, we had a change in the generation pattern today!  It was shut down to the equivalent of one generator at midnight last night and stayed at this level until 5:00 a.m. when they raised it slightly to a level of 705.4 or so and two generators going.  At 10:00 a.m. the third generator came on and by 1:00 p.m. the fourth generator kicked in.  Nice to report something other than four generators going 24/7!

Jim on the water Sunday with Howard from Waynesville.  Pulled #6 olive Bug-eyed Buggers most of the half day with good success.  Also threw the red midge with the pink San Juan dropper.  

Stan had Kim and his son Ryan from Texas out for half day Monday.  They had a great time stripping holographic green cracklebacks on a sink tip line on the flat, calm area of the Pointe Royale Island (is now with all the water running).  Also picked some in the seam off this island using the same setup.    Ryan out fished his Dad, but Kim said he was still ahead.  If Ryan likes fly fishing enough, Kim will have a fishing partner.  He can’t loose!  Carolyn on the water for a half day with Wanda and JoAnna.  We pulled a few fish out but certainly did not have the bang up days we usually having on the water!  Probably our best pattern was the red tungsten midge and the red San Juan worm.  

Carolyn on the water half day Tuesday with Richard and Barbara from Raymore.  Richard is hoping to have a fishing partner and the way Barbara handled a fly rod today, I can see a fly rod in her future.  Wasn’t certain what to expect with the change in water generation, but it was for the good.  Nice fish!  Had a couple really nice ones on that we didn’t get to the boat.  Barbara out fished Richard hands down.  Had a very good day on the size 16 Lightening Bug and the red San Juan worm.   


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