Still Playing “Ketchup” from the Weekend!

Sorry to say water is still generating 24/7.  Both yesterday and today, they have been fluctuating it a lot….from almost 11,000 cfs down to 3,500 cfs.  That will confuse the fish!  Table Rock has leveled off at 917.8 feet.  All we can hope is that we get no more rain for a while.

Stan managed to get on the water Saturday with Kristie and Rick from Missouri.  Rick is having a drift boat built in Colorado and he not only wanted to hook a few fish, but learn how to handle a drift boat.  They did manage to accomplish both in their half day outting.  The red midge, size 16, Primrose and Pearl, size 18 and size 12 olive filoplume were their flies of the day.  Jim was on the water Monday with Marvin from Indiana, and Richard (formerly from Indiana) from Kansas.  They are new to the sport and wanted to learn as much as they could and catch some fish.  Again, it was a successful day.  They brought in fish on the size 16 red midge, size 20 black midge and red San Juan worm.  Said they learned a lot and hope to come back.


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