March Blew Out Like a Tiger and is Still Blowing

Well, we have had three generators going for well over a week now.  The Corps has maintained a fairly stable pattern of three generators with an average 9700 cfs and tailwater level of 709.0.  We hit a level in Table Rock Lake of 916.2 this morning. 

Stan on the water Saturday.  It was a pretty day, EXCEPT for the WIND!  One did not have to cast your fly line if the wind was blowing in the right direction.  Just hold your fly rod in the air and let the line blow straight out to your target.  Unfortunately, it was never blowing in the right direction!  Despite the wind, Eric and his father-in-law, Tony, from the St. Charles, MO, had a fun day.  They are both new fly fishers and this was definitely some of the worst conditions under which to learn.  They landed some fish and "pick and rolled" a lot.  Think the wind was blowing the flies out of the fishes mouths before they could get a good hook set.  LOL   Their best flies were the red size 16 tungsten head midge and a size 16 olive wooly bugger using the sink tip.  Once the guys let the sink tip sink long enough to get down in fairly shallow water, they started getting hits and catching some fish.   I ventured out on my own for a couple hours just to see if the fish were laying up where they should be after these many days of generation.   Sure enough, they are, but it was tough for me to managing a good drift and keep the boat from blowing into something.  Did find some slack water where I could fish a seam and had a few brief moments where the boat stayed where I wanted so I caught enough fish to make me happy.   

The few people fishing up around the Hatchery area have been catching them on the burgundy midge, size 18 and the red size 16 midge.  Of course, they gray scuds are working in this area.


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