Fun day on the water yesterday with Ben and Sarah.  This neat couple just got married last Friday and are on their honeymoon.  Think Ben has himself a fly fisher for a wife.  We had a good day on the hot pink San Juan worm dropper below the size 16 red tungsten beadhead midge.  Sarah is brand new to fly fishing.  She picked up roll casting and line management very quickly but it took a while to recognize a strike and then set the hook.  Once she caught on to that, she started narrowing the catch gap Ben had on her pretty quickly.  One of the better days on the water for quite a while.  Lots of nice fish, 15-17 inches. 


Sarah – 4/28/09

Ben – 4/28/09

Table Rock Lake reached the 916. level Sunday.  Since then they ahve been shutting down the water late at night and leaving it off for 3 to 6 hours into the next morning.  Day time generation is still high with 3 to 4 generators.  We are expecting rain over the next three days.  Let’s hope it’s not a gully washer or the lake will go back up and generation will continue with no breaks.



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