Celebration is almost here!


With the rain we received over the weekend, the water in Table Rock Lake came up about a foot.  You know what that means…..water generation.  Table Rock is at 916.8 as of this morning.  They have run three generators non-stop since Monday morning at 6:00 a.m.  I expect we will see that pattern until the level get close to 915.0 again. 

Boats on the water Sunday, Monday and yesterday.  Sunday, Dana had brave 12 year-old Gage from Texas on the water.  This guy wanted to fish!  They hooked up with several fish, including a real nice one that jumped out of the water and spit the fly back at Gage and took off.  Peach egg and red midge were their flies.  Monday Darrell was out with Gene from OK and Stan was out with Mike from IA.  Pretty good day on the red San Juan, olive filoplume and the bugged-eyed bugger for all of these guys.  Yesterday Carolyn was working with Buddy who lives in Branson.  He took the two-day school and yesterday was his day to apply what he had learned.  Worked on casting and different setups in the morning, found a lot of fish laying in a nice calm hole and coaxed a few out of there, but caught most of our fish in the afternoon (when we really got serious) on the red tungsten midge and a new glitter thread hot pink midge we are experimenting with.  Stan had a couple guys, Richard from TX and Jim from NY out.  Think this is their second time fly fishing.  They did well on the red size 16 midge, size 14 miracle scud, size 16 olive wooly bugger under a sink tip.






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