Some Great Days on the Water

Well the generation schedule messed up the weekend fishers again.  Water was off during the mid part of each day, except last Monday, all last week and then they ran a low two generators both Saturday and Sunday.  The tailwater level bounced back and forth primarily between 705s and 704s over the weekend.  Today, the projection is to again have the water off during the mid day from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 pm. 

Now for the good news.  We had boats on the water every day since Thursday.  Fishing has been very good.  Not too many larger fish, but lots of fish.  Friday Stan had Doc and Terry from Oklahoma out.  Doc said they set a record for fish to the boat on this trip and he has been with us over ten years now.  Their best flies were the red beadhead midge while the water was moving and they dropped down to the size 18 burgundy midge after the water dropped.  Dana and Carolyn were out Saturday with a father (Troy), his son (Alex) and son-in-law (David).  Troy had fish some and Alex and David were new.  The red midge did pretty well in the earlier part of the day as well as the Lightening Bug.  Once we got to Lookout Island and started throwing the olive filoplume with the sink tip, fish count went up.  This was the preferred method of fishing for Alex and David. 

Stan was also on the water Saturday with Tashia from Independence, Mo and her father Jim.  They had been out with Stan before and were brave enough to come back and go out with him again!.  They had a wonderful day on the water with the red and burgundy midges. 

Yesterday was father/son day.  Stan had Tom and his son, Chris, from Texas out.  Another great day with midges, the red, copper dun and burgundy midges.  Carolyn was out with Howard and his son, Steve.  Howard is from Springfield, Mo and his son is currently living in Texas where he is attending college.  We started out with the red midge, Lightening Bug and a new midge Shannon sent with us to test.  All these patterns worked well.  However, we again picked up the pace on catching when we started stripping the olive filoplume.  Finished off the day down below the high bank area stripping holographic cracklebacks without sink tip in the shallow water.  Steve almost went into the water when he started complaining about how his hand was hurting from catching too many fish!!

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