How Sweet It Is!

Generation off all weekend!

Water ran most of Friday, but when it was off for a while mid-day, Gina and Darrell were wading and had a great time.  Gina was throwing a small dark soft hackle and cleaning house.  Darrell was throwing a filoplume or crackleback and also having a great day.

The size 18 black midge was hot Saturday until the rain started.  Once that happened, they shut off.  Afte the rain died down, the holographic crackleback was working.  Folks were also catching fish in the hatchery area on the size 16 dark gray and tan scuds. 

Sunday was just an all around good day.  Water was still off, no wind, and the temperature in the upper 50s.  Gina did well on a glitz midge, size 18, hot pink.  Carolyn was throwing a holographic green crackleback.  Lots of fish and lots of misses.  Also working well was a size 20 olive zebra midge and the size 18 copper dun.  It was one of those almost every cast days.  Saw lots of folks bringing in fish.  As the afternoon came to an end, the size 20 BWO soft hackle was nailing some fish.  Stan and Dawn even had some hits and caught a few fish on the size 22 sproat midge dry fly.  It was difficult to leave the water when we did.  All you could see when you looked up stream were circles everywhere on the water as the fish were coming up to feed!  What a beautiful day.

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