Generating Water Almost all Week

With the rain we had last week and continuing off and on this past week, Table Rock Lake has creeped up to 915.3 and Beaver is up to 1121.0   This translates to generation!  They have shut Table Rock down for 4-6 hours late at night the past three nights, but we are seeing at least two generators during the day and several days have had the equivalent of three.

Despite the fluctuating water this past Monday, Darrell and his regulars, Ole and Marion, had a good day out of the drift boat on the red size 16 tungsten beadhead midge and a red worm.  They are ready to come back in May and again in October! 

Three boats out Wednesday, and what a pretty day it turned out to be!  Best day of the week as far as the weather was concerned and fishing turned out to be pretty good too!  Jim had a couple brand new guys from Texas, Billy and his brother Jim.  Bet this boat had some confusing conversations for a while….Jim…Jim!  The guys learned a lot and caught some fish.  Jim had them wading at the Lookout Island.  Fortunately, the water fluctuated that day between 705 and 706, which is low enough to allow wading in some areas.  I had Mike and Trish, also from Texas on the water.  We were anchored up a little down from Jim and I could see the guys were casting pretty good but heard a lot of "hook em", "hook em" coming from Jim.  Think the hook sets were still a little behind!  Mike and Trish, especially Trish, had a wonder day on the holographic green crackleback and the olive filoplume.  We would use the sinking leaders when the fish were not coming up and then switch back to regular leaders just under the surface when the fish started ‘popping’.  Caught a few fish on the bank just above the boat ramp on the red size 16 tungsten midge earlier in the day.  Stan was out with Martin and David.  These guys are from Independence, MO.  David is brand new and Martin has some experience.  Most of their fish were caught on the red size 16 tungsten beadhead midge.  They did get lots of hits and a few fish on the olive wooly bugger, size 16, and the olive filoplume.

Thursday, Jim was out with Gary from WI.   Gary just travels around for several weeks until the weather warms back up in WI.  He decided to taike a 400 mile detour on his way home to stop by and firh with Jim.  Their flies for the day were….yep!  the red tungsten beadhead midge, the black midge and a gray scud.  Gary stayed on one of the cabins and said they were very nice!  Wants to bring his wife back with him next time.

Stan was out Friday with Dan and Drew from Liberty, MO.  Both are brand new!  Tough day to learn how to fly fish!  Wind blowing and water almost as high as it could get at 710.2.  Guys had a very good day on the red midge, caught fish and learn a lot!!  Welcome to the world of fly fishing Dan and Drew!


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