Another Great Day

Water generation, other than Monday, has followed the projections almost on the tee.  Should shut down today at noon and be off the balance of the day.

Yesterday was certainly a midge day.  Think you could have thrown any color midge and caught fish.  From customers coming into the store, however, the copper dun was number one, closely followed by the burgundy midge and then the primrose and pearl.  Lon, said he did very well later in the day on an olive wooly bugger.  Bob and Mac were out and Bob was catching them on the above listed midges plus the holographic copper midge.  Mac likes soft hackles and cracklebacks and he did fairly well on the holographic green crackleback and the dark olive soft hackle.

Stan even caught some wading a little above Short Creek on the Lightening Bug and copper dun midge.

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