Another Great Day!

April 18, 2009 – Help us celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary!  We will have product reps here so you can pick their brains as well as most of our guides.  Fly tying demos, games, drawings, casting instruction, and more!  Best of all, hot dogs with all the trimmings!  Catch a dog then go catch a fish!  Festivity will start at 9:00 a.m. and last until 4:30 p.m. 

Water was off all weekend.  They turned on two generators for two hours yesterday and it has been off since then AND fishing is wonderful.

Darrell out with some fairly new fly fishers yesterday morning for 1/2 day, Tristan and James.  Little tough in the a.m. as they had turned on the two generators for a couple hours and they were fishing the drop.  They did get some fish to the boat on the Primrose and Pearl midge and I observed several misses as they were drifting by me!.  Stan had Jeff and Trent, who were part of Darrell’s group, with him.  This is the second time this group from Oklahoma have fished with us.  Their best patterns were the black midge in the morning and the P&P in the afternoon.  What they didn’t catch in the a.m, they made up for in the afternoon. 

Carolyn was on the water with Dawn from Louisiana.  Dawn have a lovely day.  He husband, Albert, and son, James Albert, were fishing from the bank at the Rockin Chair area.  James Albert had tied up a size 20 olive midge (after pumping the stomach of a fish) where he found a bug looking much like what he tied up.  Did it work!  Both Albert and James Albert landed lots of fish yesterday.  Dawn and I cruised the banks looking for the larger fish.  Once Dawn started picking up on the "soft takes" , she went to town.  We fished a size 22 dun midge dropped off an olive midge in the morning, then switched to the 22 dun midge dropped off a P&P when the sun came out.  Good combo and great day!



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