Still Running Water!

We have seen an almost duplicate pattern of water generation for the past four days.  Off at midnight for 5 hours, then four generators raising the level to 710.2 (plus or minus) until they turn it off again.  Today’s projection looks a little different…..we’ll see.

Did have boats on the water all weekend.  Darrell took out a previous customer from Nebraska, Scott and his son Justin.  Justin is pretty new to fly fishing.  They had a good day on the black midge, size 18 and the red tungsten size 16 midge. 

Stan and I both spent Valentine’s Day on the water.  He had a pair of brothers, Mark and Mike on the water.  I also had brothers, Dave and Justin out.  Stan’s guys did well down below Lookout Island on the pink lady or red roe egg patterns.  We slipped in above them and started catching them on the olive filoplume on a sink tip.  Sunday I took Jim and his son Ross out.  This was after scooping the snow and ice out of my boat and saying "what are we doing?"  We picked up a few fish on the bank below the boat ramp on the pink lady egg pattern, then proceeded down to the seam below Lookout Island.  It did not fish nearly as well Sunday as the day before.  We did have a good time and it was worth the scooping.  Mornings both Saturday and Sunday were slow.

Although Beaver continues to rise, Table Rock did go down 2/10ths of a foot from yesterday morning same time.

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