Michigan Guys Like Our Weather!

Still running water with four generators on around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m for 3-4 hours, then shut down to equivalent of two generators for 8 hours, then back up for 3 hours and off until the next morning.  Today was a bit of a change with three generators on this morning and still running only three.  According to the projection website, there will be no generation tomorrow.  Be still my beating heart!!

Jim had a couple guys from one of the shops in Michigan on the water Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Jim works in the shop and John is a guide.  They had a great time catching fish on the red tungsten midge and a couple variations of the bug-eyed bugger.  The icing on the cake was the weather!  One of the guys, think  it waas Jim, commented he was glad he brought his shorts!  John was going back home to 200 inches of snow!  Ugh!

Stan had Jim and Kevin from Oklahoms out for a couple half days Thursday and Friday.  Thursday they caught lots of fish on the holographic green cracklebacks, and the bug-eyed bugger on sink tips.  On the drift out they picked up several more fish on the red tungsten midge.  Friday was almost a repeat of Thursday, but they did boat a few more nicer sized fish.  It was tough for them to drive back home this morning in the snow.

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